Thursday, June 19 – San Antonio at Limelight with Man Eaters of Tsavo and Cursus

Friday, June 20 – Houston at Rudyard’s Pub with Project Armageddon and Moonrazer

Saturday, June 21 – New Orleans at Siberia with Norco Lapalco and Jessi Trip

Sunday, June 22 – Jackson, Tenn., at Knuckleheads

Tuesday, June 24 – Chapel Hill, N.C., at Chapel Hill Underground with Demon Eye and Voidward

Wednesday, June 25 – Raleigh, N.C., at the Pour House Music Hall with The Hell No, Snake & the Plisskens and The Bakers

Thursday, June 26 – Richmond, Va., at The Empire with Gritter

Friday, June 27 – Radford, Va., at Screamers Bar with the Aurora Obsevatory, Helgamite and Death Shroud

Saturday, June 28 – Philadelphia, Penn., at Mill Creek Tavern with Stinking Lizaveta and others

Sunday, June 29 – Brooklyn, N.Y., at Legion with Spirit of the Slain Eagle

Tuesday, July 1 – Buffalo, N.Y., at The Jungle Gym (357 Breckenridge St.) with Malarchuk

Wednesday, July 2 – Columbus, Ohio, at Bernie’s with bands TBA

Thursday, July 3 – Madison, Wis., at High Noon Saloon with Droids Attack
and Devil To Drag

Friday, July 4 – Chicago, Ill., at Livewire with Burned or Buried

Saturday, July 5 – Detroit, Mich., at Corktown Tavern


Come check out Hogbitch as we play the following local shows this spring.

Friday, Feb. 21Bond’s 007 Rock Bar, with Wulfholt, Wings of Abaddon and Aeternal Requiem

Saturday, Feb. 22Jack’s Bar w/ Lotus Revolver and Vagenda

Saturday, March 29The Mix w/ Stone Animals


Thursday, Sept. 26 – Chicago at Liar’s Club with Dragon Feeder and Give Us the Witch

Friday, Sept. 27 – EVIL MOTHERS Reunion (featuring members of Hogbitch) Chicago at the Metro as part of the Cold Wave Festival

Saturday, Sept. 28 – Madison, WI, at Willy Street Bar & Grill w/ Droids Attack and Underground Day 1

Sunday, Sept. 29 – Milwaukee, WI, at Circle A Cafe w/ Resist Her Transistor

Tuesday, Oct. 1 – Cleveland, OH, at the Foundry

Wednesday, Oct. 2 – Detroit, MI, at Small’s w/ Raw Dogs, Coffin Feeder and Karmic Lava

Thursday, Oct. 3 – Athens, OH, at the Union

Friday, Oct. 4 – St. Louis, MO, at the Way Out Club

Saturday, Oct. 5 – Jackson, TN, at Knuckleheads with Stallion

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