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Hogbitch wallows in a fog-shrouded valley between the mountain forge of herculean riffslingers Black Sabbath and Budgie and the day-glow temple of psychedelic seers Hawkwind and Amon Duul II.

By turns heavy and ethereal, earthy and cosmic, doomy and driving, this San Antonio, Texas-bred band delivers adventurous heavy psychedelia that doesn’t sacrifice on bone-rattling aural overload.


“Each track is filled to the brim with proto-metallic influences and a Sabbath vibe copped straight from the late sixties and early seventies. At the helm stands a vocalist so polarizing and unique in tone that there’s simply nothing else like her in the modern rock scene. In other words, this is some good shit. Naturally, the vocals are what drive the music, all while carrying bursts of melody over Hogbitch’s signature groove. When coupled with doom-esque guitars and refreshingly audible bass playing, the end result is a package normally reserved for veteran acts — that is, a well-thought-out body of work that oozes quality.” — The Metal Advisor

“Texan outfit Hogbitch purvey a beautifully pure take on seventies psyche metal that is totally faithful to the genre without ever sounding like a tribute or, worse still, a mere copyist conflation begging for your cash whilst offering nothing more original than some new artwork and some old – so very old – riffmongering.” — Metal As Fuck

“Self described as ‘Ur- metal’ (ur-: a prefix meaning ‘earliest, original,’ used in words denoting the primal stage of a historical or cultural entity or phenomenon), Hogbitch has everything that the genre’s top acts have and then some. Thick, groovy, bluesy ’70s riffs, a dash of psychedelia and a smokey female lead singer in Suzy Bravo who has range, presence and balls. She has a sultry but powerful croon that fits the fuzzed out guitars and mix of hazy riffs and more uptempo, grooving romps…. From the dramatic vocals that start groovy opener ‘Queen B’ through more psychedelic, doomy numbers like ‘Black Corridor’ or ‘Rats in the Walls’ to burlier throbbing numbers like ‘Hameh,’ ‘Consumptive Sun’ and ‘Slaves of the Ether,’ the album is a pretty fine example of the style… Fans of The Devil’s Blood, Christian Mistress, Witch Mountain, Jess and the Ancient Ones and others would do well to check these guys out and discover a very solid, if late addition to the style.” – Teeth of the Divine

“The music is definitely inspired by the ’70s and ’60s, but it’s very heavy and wild at times, very intensely presented, driven by passion and obsession. Without batting an eyelid, I’d put it alongside the new classic hard rockers, but I also consider HOGBITCH much more complex and crazy than their peers. I love all those retro-rock bands. But HOGBITCH convey something fresh. 9 out of 10 points.” – Metal District

“Hogbitch is a rock juggernaut with all the right pieces in place to make some real noise, literally and figuratively… Heavy enough to satisfy basic Alamo City cravings and smart enough to wrap metal and more around lyrics that range from frightening to thought-provoking.” — San Antonio Express-News

“If Hogbitch isn’t the closest thing to a San Antonio supergroup, it’s definitely the loudest… Self-described as ‘a murky path between riff-slinging proto-metal heavies like Black Sabbath, Budgie and Blue Oyster Cult and the more abstract sounds of Hawkwind, Ufomammut and Amon Duul II,’ Hogbitch is bluesy enough to please those more into music than just volume.” — The San Antonio Current

“Hogbitch from Texas is for fans of Pentagram, Northwinds and Fuzz Manta. There are some stunning songs on this debut…” — StonerRock.GR

“So like me you are probably expecting another band hitching a ride on the retro/occult rock bandwagon and the mystical chanting followed by driving traditional metal RIFF of opening track ‘Queen B’ does nothing to dispel that motif, all high tempo swagger, rumbling bass and strong clean female vocals nailing the vibe perfectly, while a grinding doom breakdown serves as a useful twist. So far so expected, then…” – Echoes and Dust

“Their debut album contains tracks that combine loud, early psychedelic rock with a PATTI SMITH and DEEP PURPLE sound with the dark drama of BLACK SABBATH. The voice of the front woman embodies many elements of soul combined with ultra heavy riffs, reminiscent of early HELLOWEEN heavy metal.” – Metal Temple

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